High Perceptual Skill As Early Sign Of Autism

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18 Jun 2015

One of the strengths that people with autism enjoy is their sharp visual skills. That’s why we call them “visual thinkers” versus “verbal thinkers” in the case of typically developed individuals.

Consequently, one of the signs of autism to look for, is paying attention to small details.

Read more about the signs of autism in the book. Read here about the visual schedule, and visual timer.

Researchers reported in the Cell Press Journal “Current Biology ” on June 11, 2015 :

“Differences in perceptual skill are present very early in infancy, before the onset of clinical symptoms of autism.”

A finding suggest that the unusual perceptual ability of infants is “intrinsically linked to the emerging autism phenotype“.

Thanks to this great perceptual skills, Stephen Wiltshire, the talented artist, was able to deliver such a wonderful artwork.

Also, thanks to this great perceptual skill too you can have and early intervention.

Build on the child’s strengths not her deficits.

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