How are you doing today?

Nadia Shanab | autism, parenting, tips
15 Jun 2010

Here is a practical tip for both educators and parents, which can be used both at school and at home everyday.

This tip will help autistic kids with poor verbal skills develop their communication abilities. This practice, if done on regular basis, can jump-start their communication. I have seen this work in several cases. It works most effectively when done several times a day (three or four times a day).

Get a few cards and write a single word representing a mood or feeling on each card. I used the cards in the picture below.

Mood Cards

Then ask the child “How are you doing today?” and prompt him or her to pick one, and read it out loud.

After the child has chosen one of the options, have him or her write down their choice on a log that has two columns: today’s date and the child’s evaluation of the day. This will allow you over time to track changes in mood or feelings, and to correlate certain events with those ups and downs.

Why does this work?

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