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Immune System in Expecting Mothers and Autism

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting


“Everyday Life with Autism” Is Available to Order

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting, tips

My book is available in Print and eBook format! In this book you will find: • Practical tips for parents and educators to help children with autism. • How to help your autistic child become more independent and sociable. • Proven techniques to use at home and school, as well as success stories. • How

Back–to-School! Is Your Child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) Ready?

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

Soon classrooms will open their doors to welcome their new and returning students. One of the most common traits of autism is the love for sameness and rigidity. Individuals with autism fear changing their routine and experiencing new situations. The outcome of a new experience is unpredictable. Routine activities, on the other hand is guaranteed