What Is It Like To Have Autism?

Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting, tips
11 Aug 2015

Parents of children with autism suffer from people’s looks and comments wherever they go. Be proactive and participate in raising awareness by sharing the video below. Without saying a word, people will change perspective and will become more understanding. The best way to help people comprehend what autism means, is to animate the condition.

Soon your child will be going to school. Outside your child’s special day class (SDC), staff and students have little knowledge about the condition. It would be great to share the video with the principal who can also share it with the staff in one of their meetings. At least share it with your child’s mainstream teacher(s).

By doing so, the interaction between your child and the school community will be much smoother. Teachers will not be frustrated anymore, and kids will stop picking on your child. The school community in turn will become a source of awareness to other people too. Propagating awareness and knowledge is in everybody’s interest.

One child in 68 is now diagnosed with autism in the U.S. This is a very significant part of the population. We all need to learn to live together and accept each others’ differences. Be your child’s advocate and help raise awareness.

nadia shanab

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