Tips for Instructional Assistants

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1 Oct 2013

The Instructional Assistant’s Mission Statement

  1. Know well both your students and the disabilities that they manifest.
  2. Learn to take your students’ perspectives, and realize that they have significant difficulty taking yours.
  3. Always look beyond your students’ behaviors to determine the functions that those behaviors serve.
  4. Be neither blinded by your students’ strengths, nor hold them to standards they cannot meet.
  5. Master the art of rendering the appropriate degree of support for your students’ level of skill development and behavior.
  6. Exercise vilgilance in fading back prompts and promoting competence and independence in your students.
  7. Be proactive both in seeking out information to help your students, and in preparing and implementing the supports that they need to be successful.
  8. Be a team palyer-work collaborately with your peers.
  9. Leave your egos at the door!
  10. Perform your duties mindfully, responsibly, and respectfully at all times.

The above are some tips recommended by the Cupertino School District.

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