iPads May Help Kids with Autism

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7 Aug 2013

It is an ongoing debate whether iPads and touch devices in general are benefitial or harmful for kids with autism.

  • From my own experience working with children on the autism spectrum, whether with poor verbal skills or high-functioning, they all love the iPad. It is a magical device that we in schools now use it as an incentive that students love to work for.
  • I have noticed that they all use it intuitively without needing any help. When they are done with the session they seem to be much more relaxed and accomplished. It has definitely a therapeutic effect.
  • I have also noticed that the kids are sometimes so capable of doing certain activities they would otherwise struggle with when doing it in the traditional way. Whether it is math or language arts, or even a fun activity.
  • Individuals with ASD rely greatly on their visual skills.
  • Besides, the interaction with the device doesn’t requst verbal skills. Which is a great mean to communicate without feeling frustrated or misunderstood.
  • Interacting with the iPad is easier than interacting with human beings. People are not as predictable as the device is.
  • It is a great way for students with ASD to demonstrate their knowledge in an easy way.

Although using the iPad is a one-to-one activity, it can strengthen communication skills. The article below suggests that it helps bridgeing communication with people.

The article shows how much kids can benefit from the iPad, since the apps are numerous and there is always a good match for every student.

I am great supporter of using iPads in classrooms as well as at home.

However, if using the iPads turns into an obsession, then its use has to be regulated and controlled.

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