Autism and Gender

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26 Aug 2013

The ratio of boys to girls diagnosed with autism is around four to one.

  • Is that really true?
  • Is research biased to diagnose boys and overlook girls?
  • Are girls able to camouflage the signs of autism?

Research found that:

  • male and female brains are different anyway, male’s brain has more tissue volume
  • girls with the condition could be more stigmatised
  • it could be harder for girls to get diagnosed
  • research focuses more on boys

MRI screening showed the following:

  • female’s brain with autism is closer to the male’s brain versus female without the condition
  • however, male’s brain with autism didn’t show that much of a difference
  • available information is male-biased
  • the way autism could manifested is different in males and females
  • therefore, what applies for males doesn’t necessarily apply for females
  • studying autism in females should get more attention
  • girls adapt easier to the condition which could be the reason behind masking the condition
  • girls could show signs of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders as a price for masking their condition

Read the article in details here.

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