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25 Jun 2015

In addition to the tips you can find in the posts Traveling Tips and Traveling By Plane With A Child With Autism here are some more.

If noise is your child’s main problem remember to get her noise canceling headphones.

If your child has a sensitive nose take some masks to cover her nose.

If your child doesn’t like bright lights get her sunglasses.

If your child is sensitive to the touch of certain fabrics (a train, coach, or plane’s seat) take her blanket along.

If your child is picky with food, prepare her meals and have it handy.

Practice traveling before traveling. Rehearse and introduce the headphones, masks, sunglasses or eyes cover.

Make social stories about the kind of transportation you are going to use.

Read books about trains, planes, buses,…

Show her pictures about places you are about to visit.

Most importantly, prepare ahead of time, so you don’t stress out yourself.

Don’t forget to keep a small First Aid Kit handy.

Try to make the trip as predictable as possible.

Take along books, toys, music, movies, snacks to entertain her during the trip.

Make sure to practice wearing headphones, masks, sunglasses, …

Find a lot of practical tips, including how to deal with a temper tantrum, here.

Ask for early boarding availability when you book your tickets.

Have a safe trip and great vacation!

Happy Summer!

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