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11 Jun 2015

Make sure your child has some interest in the destination you have decided to spend your vacation at. Museums and scientific sites can be too boring for your 3 or 4 years old. Choose age appropriate activities.

Sensory integration issues and allergies are very important factors to be taken into consideration. Too hot, too humid, too crowded, very tiring, too noisy, the touch of the sand or water,..You know your child best.

Preparedness is pivotal to achieve your goal. Whether you are traveling by car, coach, train, or plane prepare your child accordingly. Social stories are mostly helpful for that purpose. Make everything as predictable as possible.

Try your best to keep the child’s routine respected; temper tantrums can compromise your vacation.

Prepare ahead of time. Check out the websites or call places your are planning to visit to find out about what accommodations they provide for guests with ASD.

Pack up the comfort items your child would need to calm down or to be consoled, like her blanket, stuffed animal, favorite object, books, non-perishable snacks, pillow, …they are life saviors.

Don’t overdo. Vacation is about having a good time and keeping memorable moments. Filling the day with too many activities may defeat the purpose of going on vacation. Opt for quality over quantity. Follow your child’s pace.

Make it short. If you are exploring a destination for the first time make your stay brief, in case you’re  not able to put up with the whole situation. Vacations are made to relax and recharge the batteries.

Take enough time to prepare. Don’t leave home as if you have an emergency. Last minute preparations are very stressful.

Making lists makes life much easier. It doesn’t take that much time to be organized than not to be.

As I always say: “take your cues from your child”, she holds all the answers for you.

Enjoy your vacation; make it a positive experience for your child to look forward to.

Have a great summer!

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