8 Tips For Moving A Child With Autism To A New Home

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12 Jun 2015

Moving during summer breaks is very common!  Summer is the longest break from school. It is actually great for transitions. Kids move from one classroom to another and move from one grade to another. That implies having new neighbors, classmates, teachers, transportation system, maybe weather, and many more… So, if parents have to move, it is a good idea to change homes over the summer break.

Needless to mention how exhausting, stressful, and challenging moving is for a typical family. If you add to the equation having a child (or more) on the autism spectrum, it is quite possible that you’ll have to add more effort and time to move to a new home.

Moving is a big change in people lives in general, and individuals on the autism spectrum are not comfortable with change. Change always comes with uncertainty. Besides, even if the child accepts the change, it takes a lot of time and effort to adapt to the new setting. Mind that the new setting may trigger some new sensory integration issues.

Find more tips in the book.

A moving blog “selfstorage.com” is offering 8 great tips for moving with a child with autism.

Here is a summary:

1- Create a social story.

2- Make a safety plan.

3- Assign a moving-day-task to your child.

4- Assign a caregiver.

5- Meet the neighbors.

6- Look for hazards.

7- Expect the challenges.

8- Plan to celebrate the move to a new house with your family.

Make the transition as smooth as possible. Take your time to unpack and arrange. Give the priority to make home safe, secure, and cozy for your child with autism.

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