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27 Apr 2015

Humans don’t necessarily need a language to communicate. Luckily, nonvocal and nonverbal communication come with numerous presentations.

As you may have seen in the last few posts, art is one of the most effective ways to communicate, like painting, drawing, and playing a musical instrument.

Having a pet, is another way to express feelings and interact with outside world without having to use words.

I enjoy listening to operas sang in languages I’ve no clue of. Without realizing, I catch myself taken faraway by the fabulous, magnificent, glorious voices, full of emotions and feelings. So, in this context words and their meanings by themselves are irrelevant! It’s the performance all together.

  • Ballet dancers convey a palette of messages without pronouncing a single word. It’s the body language and the interaction between dancers that express an idea.
  • Folklore dance in each country transmits a meaning, a sense, or a communiqué.
  • It was found that individuals with autism benefited greatly from dancing (and moving their body, generally speaking).

Watch the video below

  • Dancing helps kids with autism express their feelings, interact, connect, bond with people.
  • Dancing initiates social interaction.
  • Dancing improves eye contact.
  • Dancing raises body awareness and improves gorss motor skills.
  • Dancing improves brain function. A cooperation between cognitive skills and muscular skills come to work hand in hand (proprioception).
  • Dancings encourages the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate, which is known to be poor in kids with autism.
  • Dancing boosts the memory.
  • Dancing improves balance and attentiveness.
  • Dancing boosts the mood, self confidence, and wards off depression and aggressivity.
  • Some may discover their hidden gift of kinesthetic skills.
  • Dancing is theraputic because it has a calming effect on individuals on the autism spectrum since it is usually accompanied with music.


Dear parents, it might be as benificial for you too to dance to alleviate the stress you have to cope with raising a child on the autism spectrum. Go with your partner for a dance lesson or club to recharge your batteries.

Keep using the other strategies and techniques to encourage your child to communicate. Talk to her/him as if she/he is going to respond to you. Plan for playdates to boost social interaction. Dance with your child! It’s FUN!

Made sure your child practices a physical activity regularly.

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