The Benefits of Playing Music on The Brain

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26 Nov 2013


Give your child the opportunity to play a musical instrument at an early age. Help your child explore and experience the practice of playing music and look for her favorite instrument. It may take time to land on the perfect instrument that matches your child’s interest and needs. Be patient don’t give up. Why a musical instrument?

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience shows a multitude of long-lasting benefits for those who start playing a musical instrument early in life.


  • Kids become better at processing sounds.
  • Playing music can offset cognitive declines, including interpreting fast-changing sounds like those that occur in speech.
  • People who studied music between age 4 and 14 years old had the fastest response times, even if they have abandoned it later on.
  • People who played music at early age are better at processing foreign languages.
  • They also have higher intelligence score.
  • Playing music may also improve social skills and boost self-esteem.


It is a bit sad that some schools cannot include music in their educational curriculum because of lack of funds. In this case, parents have to compensate for the deficits in public education.


Know that music is beneficial for you too, parents and educators! Music takes the stress away and has many more benefits. Read the article here.

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