Iris Grace, A 5-Year Old Gifted Painter

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9 Apr 2015

Once again, children with autism continue to surprise us every day with their incredible artistic talents!

Iris Grace Halmshaw is a five year old girl from England U.K. diagnosed with autism at an early age. She has very poor speech and social skills. Her talent was discovered when her parents used painting to help her with her speech therapy. They were stunned for her ability to mix and match colors, as well as for her very own special style of painting.

The Miracle Of Little Miss Masterpiece – AMAZING!! Iris Grace Painting

Her paintings are marvelous and reflect her love for nature and colors.

To learn more about Iris’s story read below:

To better understand  her painting techniques watch the video:

How Did Iris’s Parents Help Her

The awareness and conciousness of their daughter’s condition were pivotal to stop her from slipping away. Iris had no eye contact, no speech, very obsessive behavior, no communication with children. She was always absorbed in her books.

First of all they got her diagnosed at the age of two. It is never enough to emphasize the importance of early intervention.

Second, they engaged her in different therapies at the same time: speech therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy, and music therapy.

Third, they offered her recently cat therapy, also check dog therapy, to whom Iris have opened up and stared to exchange simple words with: “Sit cat!” They have quickly become best friends.

Fourth, They encourage her to practice what she is good at. The painting kit is always available for her in the kitchen. She is given the choice to choose her painting tools.

As mentioned in previous articles, parents can do so much to help their child with autism. Iris’s parents were not in denial and acted upon the problem promptly and positively. She was given multiple opportunities to discover her invaluable talent. Painting was a spectacular way for Iris to communicate with the world at the age of three. Overmore, her companion, Tuhla the cat, helped her greatly to express her emotions and bond with the outside world.

Iris’s parents now sell her paintings and prints for hundreds of dollars. With this money they can provide for her therapies and art supplies, as well as raising awareness about autism.

  • Likewise, be positive, you can help your child discover her/his own talent or strength. Being nonverval should not be a verdict for life to live in isolation.
  • This is not the first time we come across talented children with autism who managed to express themselves through painting and drawing.
  • Read the story of Chris Murray, another painter, and watch his movie “Dad”s in Heaven with Nixon“.
  • Read the story of Steven Wiltshire and watch his videos. His exceptional memory enabled him to draw detailed panoramic pictures from areal views.
  • Acting is another performing art to improve social skills.
  • One major quality individuals with autism mainly rely on is their powerful visual capability. So, let’s, parents and educators, make the best out of this strength.
  • Being in contact with nature can bring out hidden treasures in our kids’ minds and hearts.
  • One last thing, practicing art makes people feel good, whether they are on or off the autism spectrum. Art connects people without having to speak a language.

Nadia Shanab

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