“Dad’s in Heaven with Nixon”, An Amazing Movie!!!

Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting
28 Sep 2011

This movie is a true story about Chris Murray the autistic boy who turned out to be a talented artist.

I have just watched this movie on Netflix and was shocked by the autistic artist who was hiding his talent for so long before he let it emerge. It is a movie about an autistic boy who managed to turn into an adult person capable of holding jobs and practicing his passion and living indepnedently.

His dad demonstrated some behavior issues and was in denial to accept the fact that Chris was different. He didn’t want anything to do with his son’s problems. Chris’ mother explained how his birth was complicated and how he suffered from Oxygen deprivation during his delivery. Chris grew in a large family of seven siblings which provided him with love and attention. After his dad’s death, inspite of his disability, he started showing his artistic talents and drew and painted amazing pictures. People collect his art for its uniqueness. He is facinated by the gigantic buildings and sky scrapers of New York, which he reveals in his artwork.

Chris illustrates a success story even if his autistic behavior is still dominant.

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