A Message to Parents

Dear Parents, I am finally back after a long silence for almost two years. It is very hard to disengage myself from thinking and writing about...

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Autism and Gender

By Nadia Shanab | Uncategorized

The ratio of boys to girls diagnosed with autism is around four to one. Is that really true? Is research biased to diagnose boys and overlook girls? Are girls able to camouflage the signs of autism? Research found that: male and female brains are different anyway, male’s brain has more tissue volume girls with the

Scanner ‘Shows Early Autism Signs’

By Nadia Shanab | Uncategorized

“Signs of autism can be detected in the brains of 4-months old infants.” Researchers used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to study the brain activity of two groups of infants, one of which had a sibiling with autism. The babies were tested during a socially interesting human actions, (peek-a-boo), as well as while listening to some vocal