Things To Do During The Summer

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1 Aug 2013

Keeping your child engaged in doing useful activities is vital for her developmental growth. Wasting time watching TV for hours or playing video games all day long is not the best investment of summer time. Here are some ideas for activities to spend time on:

Enroll your child in an art & crafts class.

Enroll your child in a dance class.

Play music by learning an instrument or by singing.

Choose a sport like swimming, it doesn’t have to be a group game like soccer, football…

Visit libraries and read books.

Socialize in your local park.

Teach your child to plant seeds and do gardening, or grow vegetables and fruits.

Biking, scooter, roller-skating, ice-skating.



Board and cards gaming

Check with your local YMCA about the available programs.

Most importantly, let your child choose the activity she wishes to practice. It means she is motivated and willing to participate.

Here are some useful websites. Check out your local options.

For young adults to volunteer:

Some movie theaters are adapted to accomodate the light and sound sensory issues in some idividuals with ASD:


One summer, Temple Grandin went to spend a few days at her aunt’s ranch when she was still in her early teens. She ended up staying the whole summer. She loved the life in a ranch and bonded with tha cows and horses. She learned horse back riding and invented her own squeezing machine to relieve her overwhelming sensory issues. Temple Grandin is a Professor of Animal Scientist, she also designs about one third of the live stock facilities in the US.

Her mother new that sending her during the summer break to the ranch could only help.

It was found that many of individuals with autism enjoy living on a farm.

That tells me that in a ranch or a farm setting they connect with nature and express themselves spontaneously.


Summer is a great opportunity to to aqcuire new skills, discover new hobbies, become more flexible and independent. Even the summer break is a good time to stay disciplined.

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