Children with Autism Have Different Brain Chemistry

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2 Aug 2013

A new study found that the brain chemistry in children with autism was found to be different compared to others with developmental delays (DD). In the early years of childhood, the brain chemistrey takes a different path during its development. Brain chemistry changes over time.

It is never enough to emphasize the importance of early intervention. If taken care of propmptly the process (change of chemistry) can be modified to help the child benefit the most to reach her full potential.

Researchers don’t exactly know at what age is the onset of autism.

Read the full study here.

It is highly recommended that parents take the initiative of consulting with professional health providers as soon as doubts arise, it could be as early as one or two years old. It is wiser not to miss any opportunity to catch autism in its very early phase. The outcome would be much more valuable.

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