Awareness Day

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1 Apr 2013

Autsim Speaks published a great article to summerize the most important things about autism we didn’t know a year ago.

Read the article here:–-we-didn’t-know-year-ago

As an educator working with kids with autism I feel obligated to tell the parents the following:

1- I have seen kids making a great progress over the years, and in particular those who were early diagnosed.

2- Some high-functioning individuals with autism lose many of the traits as they grow older.

3- Parents who cooperated with school and provided consistency at home and school had the biggest success with their kids.

4- Based on observation only, I believe that a major cause of autism is genetic. We see siblings of kids with autism on the spectrum too. They don’t have to have the exact diagnosis. Some mothers confessed that their partners have some autism traits too.

5- Make your goal focused on two things: independence and social skills. Take your cues from your child. Stay positive.

The pieces of the puzzle will fall in their place one day.

Celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day.


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