A Humanoid to Improve Social Skills in Kids with ASD

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20 Mar 2013

NAO is the name of the humanoid robot, an elaborate and very sophisticated system, created to help children with ASD. The main function of NAO is to improve the social skills and communication abilities of children with ASD. Kids with ASD usually have poor joint attention. Joint attention, is the ability to synchronize the attention with other people and objects in one’s environment.

Researchers found that children with autism respond to robots as much as they respond to professional therapists. The robot is equipped with sensors, cameras, and computers to communicate with kids and give them verbal prompts, physical gestures. When you click on the link below you’ll see that the child is looking in the direction where NAO is pointing to.

NAO is an amazing invention and the product of many researchers, scientis, and engineers.

Read the article and the amzing story here:


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