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A New Study on ADHD

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A study found that boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed than girls. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/01/21/adhd-diagnosis-kids-hyperactivity

Teach Empathy through Playing

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Get your child her/his favorite doll, stuffed animal, movie character toy,…and create a story, a dialogue, or a senario of your imagination. Steer the conversation between you, your child, and the doll in the direction of the area you wish your child learns about. During the play pretend a situation that solicits sharing concerns, empathy,

4 Factors Affect A Writing Assignment

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It might seem to be a simple request to ask a child with autism to write down a paragraph or even a sentence or two. According to Kathy Oehler, a Speech and Language Pathologist, the process of writing is a very complex task. It engages and sollicits several parts of the brain to work simultaniously in

Recess & Lunch Are Golden Opporunities to Socialize

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We keep repeating over and over that the main two traits of autism are the lack of communication and social skills. Are educators and parents really doing enough to help improving these two areas of weakness? Acadamic achievements in schools is with no doubt the main focus. Nobody denies the importance of teaching all kinds

The Combo Class vs. Special Day Class

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A creative, compassionate teacher decided to call the buddies coming from SDC (Special Day Class) to join her class the Combo Class. She has actually been very factual by inventing this name. In SDC there is actually at least two grade levels combined in one class. Given the small number in each program, schools cannot afford

Hope for High-Functioning and Asperger’s

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Read the article in the: “The Telegraph”. “A spark of insight into the mystery of autism” http://bit.ly/10ApPt

Anecdote: A Tip To Modify Handwriting

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A student with gigantic handwriting had trouble following directions like: “You are writing too big!” or “Write smaller!” or “You need to fit all the words in the assigned space!” or “You are running out of space!”… Today while the student was writing I told him: “Johnny, are you watering your alphabet letters everyday?” While

“Some Children Lose Autism Diagnosis”

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According to the conventional understanding and information most of us are aware of thus far, a diagnosis with autism does not go away. But Science Daily® has published a great article today that inspires hope to some spectrum people. A research supported by the National Institutes of Health confirms that some people diagnosed with autism in

Anecdote: The Upset Chair

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This real story took place as I interacted with a ten-year-old student on the spectrum. He is known for being very sensitive and gets easily upset from people’s comments and criticism. He is very smart and hates to make mistakes and keeps blaming himself for his shortcomings. When that happens he refuses to participate in