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Dear Parents, I am finally back after a long silence for almost two years. It is very hard to disengage myself from thinking and writing about...

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Where Should I Place My Child?

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

You don’t know which placement is best for your child? Don’t worry! There is a whole system and a team responsible and devoted  to find the best placement for your child. By placement I mean the program and the class that best fits your child’s needs. Know Your Rights In case you do not know

Temple Grandin: A Must-See Movie

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

It is one of very few true success stories told by a woman who lives with Asperger’s syndrome. She became an animal scientist and a professor at the university. The protagonist, Temple Grandin, was able to explain and describe very skillfully how a person with this condition feels, hears, sees, perceives and thinks. She helps people

13 Highly Recommended Books

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

The following are books that I have read and learned a lot from. They helped me in my job working with autistic kids. Non-fiction: Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin – An autistic adult telling her own struggling and suffering with her condition as an Asperger, and how she became a huge success 10 Things