A Glimpse Of Hope: Some Children Are Losing Their Diagnosis

Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting, tips
29 Jun 2015

A new study is showing how some children lost their symptoms and diagnosis with autism. The children’s social impairment was resolved and their cognitive functioning  (IQ) has improved. But even after the ASD diagnosis was lost, these children still struggle with some remaining learning and/or emotional/behavioral problems.

These lingering problems, however, can be handled by teaching children in smaller groups and continue providing them with the appropriate services they need.

It is very important to highlight the reason why these kids lost their diagnosis. Early diagnosis and Early Intervention will remain the most important key to help your child with ASD. Watch the video below:

It is parents’ absolute top priority to get their child screened and tested, as soon as they notice any unusual behavioral or developmental signs.

Read here about early intervention.

Read the full article about the study here.

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