Autism Training Is Now Taking A New Dimension.

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20 Jun 2015

It seems like people’s awareness about autism is increasing, given the growing rate of the condition! This is great news! Awareness will make life easier and safer for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families, as well as for others who would encounter them.

Your child with autism will eventually have to interact with her/his community and encounter different circumstances where communication and social interaction is needed. Informing people with her/his condition is important to empower a civil life and honors integrity. Individuals with special needs deserve to get more attention. There are still so much to do for them.

Recently, a great example of being proactive, is the Yakima police officers in Washington state, receiving autism training to learn how to approach and help individuals on the autism spectrum. Watch the video here.

The video below is a MUST WATCH. Please make sure to share it with the largest possible number of people to participate in raising awareness. Police officers are now getting official training to be prepared to handle situations involving individuals with autism.


Parents, you are your child’s best advocate. Make your voice heard, and ask for the same service to be available in your community, just like Yakima’s. Be the first!

This is a video that also deserves to be shared with teachers (especially mainstream teachers), educators, day care centers, staffs in summer schools, and summer camps…

Autism is making an important part of the daily news. At least one child in 68 is now diagnosed with ASD. Research in this domain has never been so intense. The hope in curing autism is getting closer every day.

Raise awareness by sharing information. It’s good for your child and the entire world. Communication and knowledge are powerful.

Read more about communication here, chapter 6, page 39.

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