Massive Research About Parental Age And Autism Risk

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14 Jun 2015

The topic of the study is not new, however the largest of the kind.  This very recent and massive research of more than 5,7 million children from 5 countries has published on June 10th, 2015 in the Molecular Psychiatry its definitive findings. Autism Speaks is the organization that funded the study.

The Findings

“Autism rates are about 66% higher among children born to dads over the age over 50 than those over 20 (and 28% higher for dads in their 40s). Researchers found rates were 18% higher with teens moms than those with moms over 20s.”


Parental age is only one of many other risk factors linked to autism. To learn more about the 7 risk factors read here.

For more tips read the book.

Watch the lecture from UC Television.

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