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27 May 2015

In order to enjoy a peaceful and productive summer, find below some helpful resources. You can now take the time to explore and find what would help your child progress while having fun.

For parents

1- Read some books about autism. In my book you will find a long list of very helpful titles. Also, check out Temple Grandin’s website.

2- Watch some movies about autism. “Temple Grandin” HBO movie is very inspiring. “The Odd Way Home” on Netflix is encouraging and uplifting. “Son-Rise” A Miracle of Love, is another heartwarming and touching movie.

3- Subscribe in a magazine for kids with ASD to stay connected. For example: Autism Parenting Magazine, Autism Asperger’s Digest, and Autism Advocate.

4- Join a program to get trained to how to help your child with autism. ABA Applied Behavior Analysis.

5- Join a support group if you need to.

For kids

1- Arts and crafts supply stores have so many creative ideas. Check out Lakeshore Learning or Michael’s they have endless ideas.

2- Scholastic and educational books are even available at Costco.

3- Toys R Us, and games are great for a long summer vacation.

4- Occupational therapy supplies will provide you with so many ideas to help you with your child’s specific challenge.

5- Build play structures with your child. Check out Walmart for reasonable prices.

6- Find your local libraries for books, videos, and music CDs.

7- The Sensory Spectrum Shop is a great resource for so many supplies you would think of for fine and gross motors, sensory items, writing aids, social stories…

8- Seize the opportunity of the long summer break and implement the simple and inexpensive ideas I included in my book. You can have your child help you actualize these little fun projects.


Early intervention is key to your child’s success! Start now.

Have a great summer!

nadia shanab

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