Autism Tips For Summer School

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26 May 2015

We cannot plan for the summer break without considering summer school. This is an option that some kids are eligible for upon parents’ request. It is usually a half day four-week period shortly after summer break starts. Depending on the school staff, it is a mix of academic work and fun activities, almost 50-50.

In the US the number of days in school is about 180 days. This is a low attendance rate compared to other countries. Add to this the fact that the school day is short and there is no homework on Friday so children can spend a relaxed weekend.

However, in Japan, South Korea, China, and many European countries education occupies more time and place in children’s life. That is the reason behind the great scores in math, science,…


Unless you have already planned out the summer break for your child, seize the opportunity and send your child to summer school. It is a a very valuable experience. Kids partly get to refresh their knowledge, and partly enjoy doing different activities. Additionally, speech and occupational therapy services are also offered, as well as music and library periods. Kids get do arts and crafts projects, outdoors and indoors games, even field trips are also on the schedule. Volunteer and join your child if you can. Parents’ help is always needed.

If both parents are working, summer school can be a great asset for them. It provides structure and discipline for the whole family.

Tip: keep your child’s brain stimulated.

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