How To Plan For Life After High School

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10 May 2015

You’re so proud your child is in high school and keeps progressing! Thanks to all you’ve done in cooperation with schools’ staff and the valuable services she has received. Now, what’s next?

  • Planning should start at least two years prior to graduating high school.
  • Continue setting goals and objectives by involving your child in the plan.
  • Your child knows by now what she would like to do and what not to do.
  • Help her narrow down the choices, so you can all focus on the main goal.
  • Be your child’s advocate, convince the IEP team to always include your child in designing and developing her future plan!
  • Your child is highly encouraged to attend the IEP meeting and participate in creating a plan for her own future.
  • Teach your child to become her own self-advocate.
  • The new IEP will then emerge as a Transition Plan (TP).
  • A Transition Plan should consider all the strengths, interests, vocations, passions, and preferences of your child.
  • By getting her involved in drafting the TP, she’ll feel more responsible and proactive.
  • Request the services and personnel you believe are pivotal to implement the plan.
  • Help your child work on a hands-on project/ job toward achieving the goals set in the TP.

You have enough time during high school to encourage your child express and practice her passions. High school is a great opportunity to help her raise her self awareness and discover all her qualities.

Know your rights here!

Tip 1

Regardless of what your child’s plan is, make sure to get her granted all the services and benefits she’ll need before leaving high school.

Tip 2

From a very early age train your child to volunteer or work on jobs, no matter how simple they are. The value of having a job is to establish some very important ethics like having discipline, respecting a schedule, working with a team, and taking responsibility.

Here is a great resource to help you explore with your child all the options available that match her interests and capabilities.

Employment of adults with autism

Watch the video.

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