Independence is The Most Important Quality to Teach

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12 Mar 2014

The fundamnetal requirement for an individual with an autism spectrum disorder to be successful in life after high school is independenc.

As repeatedly mentioned before, poor communication and social skills are the two most common traits of autism. Consequently, high school students with autism exhibit difficulty asking questions and expressing themselves. Additionally, their rigidity and intolerance to changes hinder the process of withdrawing the support they are given by parents and educators. Unlike typically developed adolescents, independence in young adults with autism starts to plateau than declines.

To teach independence, find the strengths in highschoolers and emphasize them. Rely more on highschoolers visual skills to teach inependence. A visual schedule, visual timer, new technology will gradually help eleminate caregivers and educators’s role. The good news is that the use of cell phones and iPads is part of our current style of life. That will help young adults with autism not be stigmatized. Relying on these devices is socially perfectly accepted.

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Source: Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.


Start the process of weaning off the reliance on helpers by substituting it with visual and manual devices. From an early age impose discipline and organization at home as well as in school.

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