Hyper Connectivity in The Brain Related to Autism

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20 Nov 2013

In a new finding from Stanford University, research was done on individuals with high-functioning autism with IQ higher than 70, shows that the connecivity in the brain is high compared to their peers with typically developed brain. This finding is challenging previous belief that: individuals with autism have lower connectivity in brain regions.

“Using one of the largest and most heterogenous pediatric functional neuroimaging datasets to date, we demonstrate that the brains of children with autism are hyper-connected in ways that are related to the severity of social impairment exhibited by these children”, Kaustubh Supekar and Vinod Menon

This is helpful in two ways:

1- early diagnosis of autism

2- autism can be treated with epilepsy medicines

Individuals with epilepsy share the same condition of having high connectivity in the brain.


Hyper connectivity in the brain is shared between individuals with autism and individuals with epilepsy. Therefore, a treatment for epilepsy may also be considered for treating autism.

Read the full article here.

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