TOBY Playpad: A Unique iPad App for Parents, Educators and Therapists

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16 Sep 2013

TOBY playpad:

TOBY Playpad is a unique, therapist-and-parent designed Early Intervention application for children with Autism. TOBY’s iPad tasks co-ordinate with off-iPad tasks to help your child learn skills in the real world. TOBY stands for Therapy Outcomes By You, because it aims to empower parents to commence early intervention to maximize your child’s development.

TOBY covers 51 skills in four major areas: imitation, sensory discrimination, social skills and language. It has a total of more than 300 activities to work both on and off the iPad.

Each day TOBY presents a choice of tasks drawn from a curriculum tree based on how your child has progressed with pre-requisite tasks. By having a dynamic curriculum, TOBY is able to adapt to your child’s learning and developmental needs by choosing goals and adjusting the difficulty of tasks. Based on TOBY’s recommendations you choose what tasks you want to complete each day, and based on your child’s results, TOBY will generate suggestions for the following day’s activities.

TOBY tracks your child’s progress by generating clear and easy to read reports – you can visually see how your child is progressing through the curriculum tree, and how much support, or prompting, they need. You could share reports with your therapists by registering their email addresses with TOBY. This helps parents, therapists and educators track your child’s learning, pinpoint where and why problems might be occurring, and design strategies to help.

All of this is provided alongside help documentation produced exclusively for TOBY Playpad by therapists with decades of experience working with children on the autism spectrum. The help guide covers everything from optimizing your home environment for learning, to task-specific instructions and troubleshooting common problems.

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