A New More Accurate Way to Diagnose and Treat Autism

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30 Jul 2013

The way ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) has always been diagnosed, is based on the professionals’ (pediatrians, psychologists, psychiatirics, specialized therapists…) social interaction with the child. Then, the professional’s opinion supported by parents observations are usually the traditional way to give a child a diagnosis.

This novel technology can provide a more accurate, objective, and early diagnosis of autism, even for non-verbal and adult individuals. This technology tracks the person’s random movemnts using a sophisticated computer program. This tool can even diagnose the subtypes of autism and can also be used for infants.

Not only it helps diagnosing autism, but it also could teach children with autism to learn and communicate by developing self motivation instead of responding to the traditional teaching strategies.

The technology is not out for the public use yet. But if it materilized and became available for parents, it would be easy for them to use a computer aided techinque.

Please read this amazing research done by researchers in the Indiana University School of Medicine and Rutgers University.

Here is the full story.

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