No Correlation between Prenatal Exposure to Low-Level Mercury and Autistic-Like Behavior

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23 Jul 2013

Researchers believe that “gentetics” and “environmental” factors are two of the main causes of autism. The exposure to heavy metals -like lead, cadmium, and mercury- is believed to represent one of the environmental threats to the child’s development.

A new research published today in ScienceDaily is announcing great news for parents. The research run in Seychellels, islands in the Indian Ocean, where fish consumption is 10 times greater then in the US, found that there is no correlation between the the exposure to low-level mercury in expecting mother and the autistic-like behaviors in their children. It also mentions that the good may outweighs the bad when it comes to eating fish. Fish may contain heavy metals, since living in the ocean is a direct exposure to heavy metals coming naturally from volcanos and coal-fired plants.

Read the full article here.

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