Summer Is The Best Time to Hone Talents

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22 Jul 2013

In the last two posts and I talked about the importance of encouraging individuals with autism  and special needs in general to practice and develop their special interests and talents. Why is the summer break, in particular, is a great time to do so?

  1. First, it is the longest break of the year, which allows more time to focus on what they like to do and are good at.
  2. Second, it is a great opportunity to do many outdoor activities (walking, hiking, camping, biking, running, fishing, boating, basket ball, volley ball, building sand castles on the beach….)
  3. Third, travelling is a huge experience and an excellent learning opportunity for individuals with special needs.

Summer gives parents the chance to plan for a more flexible schedule. It helps accomodate practicing special interests and talents in a relaxed way without stress and anxiety.

I have to emphasize the importance of having a daily schedule even durning summer break and any other breaks as well. Regardless of the activities listed on the schedule, the brain and mind should always be kept engaged in a processing mode. Voids and gaps in the schedule wasting time, encourages laziness of the brain and mind.

I am recommed that you create a schedule with diversified activities with a focus on your child’s favorite subjuct. As mentioned before a special talent or interest can turn into a career. Try to include some physical activity, and artistic activity to develop different parts of the brain.

Summer is also a great opportunity to expose your child to new activities and people. Travelling broadens the mind’s horizon and inspires new ideas, besides encouraging social interaction and communication skills.

I did not by any means intend to turn your child’s summer break into a forced labor, I am simply saying take advantage of this time to  develop her talents in an organized, well-planned, and well-structured manner.

A reminder of a success story would be Temple Grandin’s. One summer her mother decided to send her to her aunt’s ranch to spend a few days to help her become more independent and bond with her family. Temple ended up staying the whole summer and discovered her love for animals and became an inventor that summer. She designed the first squeezing maching. Later on the became an animal scientist professor besides a being s designer of thirty percent of the live stock facilities of the US.

Don’t waste your time! Start now if haven’t already done!

Here are some tips.

Have a great summer!

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