Behavioral Therapy Can Impact Brain Function

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14 Feb 2013

PRT (Pivotal Response Therapy) has shown a remarkable positive change in social behavior. A research including UCSB graduate student discovered a positive change in the brain activity of autistic children after receiving behavior therapy.

fMRI (funcional Magnetic Reasonance Imagaing) at Yale University’s Child Study Center measured the impact of PRT pioneered by UCSB on both: high-functioning and low-functioning children with autism. Findings from their study, “Neural Mechanism of Improvements in Social Motivation after PRT,” are published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

The earlier the behavior therapy intervention, the better and faster the result. Read the full article here:

Also read my article pubished in the San Jose Mercury News about the Importance of Early Intervention:

One of the most effective ways to help improve the autistic behavior is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). The sooner it starts the better the results. Of course, this is only one way that contributes to changing the behavior in autistic children. But every child should be considered as a unique case. The medical conditions, the sensory integration issues, and the dietary condition should all be taken into consideration.

We always say that there is no 2 autistic children the same, because the causation of autism might not be the same. Consequently, there is no one treatment that fits all autistic children of the spectrum.

Every child is a unique world by itself, which ought to be treated individuallly. However, early intervention benefits everyone with no exception.

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