Asperger’s vs. High Functioning Autism

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28 Jan 2013

What is the difference?

Unlike high-functioning autism, individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome didn’t have delayed speech in their early childhood. To the contrary, they can be very eloquent and fluent in their speech. In addition, they have no problem making eye-contact. They also didn’t necessarily have delayed cognitive development.

However, they share some autistic traits with typically autistic individuals. They have poor social and communication skills, and they can be very short tempered. They can also manifest an array of sensory integrated issues. Besides, some of them have poor body coordination. They are capable of masking their deficits. Some of them are savants, and some excell in their main area of interest. They can hold down jobs, and hence they are more employable.

That might explain why they are diagnosed later than individuals with ASD.

How many of these people (Asperger’s) do you come across in your daily life?

I see them everywhere, they just went undiagnosed. Good for them. Don’t you agree?

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