Lead by Modeling, Not by Molding

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25 Apr 2012

Have we ever considered checking our own words, behavior, and habits? Not always. Most people don’t question: ” Why should things be the way they are?”. Most of us were trained to accept and obey whatever the parents dictated. Because we love our parents and respect them, we give them the right to shape our minds once and for all.

Once we become parents and find ourselves in our parents’ shoes, without even thinking we contiue adopting the same pattern, transcending the same concept to our kids and it keeps going forever…

Previously we talked about one of the most common traits of autism, namely, rigidity and inflexibility. It is easier to follow a routine and have a monotonous life than thinking out of the box and be curious and ask questions. Why? Because it is easier. No need to change anything or train oneself to adjust to new settings and new environment. Routine is our comfort zone.

What happens when we submerge ourselves in an unexciting life, doing our daily chores in a mechanical fashion? We simply don’t get to test our own potential in new experiences. So, our knowlege remains limited and we are stuck unable to venture in new learning opportunities. By acting as such we might be nipping in the bud our hidden talents and our capacity to create.

Never settle for less than your best. Don’t save any effort or time to go one step further. This how we advance in our life and overcome our weaknesses and obstacles. Teach your children to come out of their way and try something new. It could be as simple as trying a new food.

When my own kids were little, I decided that I’ll give them the chance -within my buget’s limits- to try all kinds of  activities they wished to try. Given the busy school schedule, I allowed each one to choose one physical activity and one cultural activity. Every year they came up with a new idea for their activity. I am so grateful I did what I did, because one of them became a singer and a musician playing piano magnificently. If I hadn’t listened to her request to learn piano, she wouldn’t have been the person she is today. You can listen to her songs by going to: www.nehalsworld.com.

Allow your child to discover her/himself by exposing them to new experiences. Most importantly, associate the new experiences with fun and personal interest of the child. Try to make your child become more verbal by singing and dancing and using musical instruments.

During PE, OT, and recess help the child improve her coordination by putting music in the background. That will help respiration too.

“When the body is moving well, it is so much easier to coordinate breathing with voice and coordination. “Pure and simple: speech is movement.” By Marge Blanc in Autism and Asperger’s Digest March/April issue.

On the play ground I never stop telling the kids: “KEEP YOUR BODY MOVING”.

The ultimate achievement of a human being is the self realization/actualization according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The only way to attaining this goal is by pursuing a chain of experiences and experiments in rediscovering one’s self.

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