My Book “Everyday Life with Autism” Is Now Available!

Nadia Shanab | tips, Uncategorized
12 Jun 2012

Writing every single article of this blog one after the other was such a rewarding and fulfilling practice. I found a great joy in sharing everything I know about autism with you. I received so many comments that I am deeply grateful for. Your words of encouragement and praise were the fuel that kept me writing for over a year. From the amazing experience I had of publishing and maintaining the blog, I was inspired to write my first book. I believe that the book will reach to even more people and information will be shared among a larger community.


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I had to take a leave of absence from my work to be able to focus on writing the book. That might explain why I wasn’t as active on the blog as I used to be a year ago. Today I am feeling ready to pursue writing my articles in the blog again. I am so excited to share with you any new information or tip that might help you with your autistic child.

My passion about the autism topic keeps pushing me to learn more and share more everyday. I have a deep belief that there is always more to do and contribute with to help children with ASD reach their full potential. The subject became the main focus and interest of so many institutions, researchers, and scientists. The progress is on the rise. My eBook “Everyday Life with Autism”, as you might have noticed carries the same title as the blog, covers most of the contents of the blog, in addition to new information.

Your feedback was and will continue to be the biggest and most powerful drive for me to write.

I am so grateful and thankful to my blog’s visitors.

I will keep saying: “Children with autism are teachable and trainable.”

Nadia Shanab