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Dear Parents, I am finally back after a long silence for almost two years. It is very hard to disengage myself from thinking and writing about...

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Compliance Is Attainable

Compliance Is Attainable

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting, tips

People tend to perceive noncompliance as stubbornness or misbehavior. Autistic kids do not always perceive our directions the way neurotypical kids do. Why? Because of their sensory integration issues or their condition in general. They see, hear, smell, feel and process (think) differently. When the child doesn’t comply or conform, she/he is trying to communicate

A Tip for Easier Transitions

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

Rigidity and intolerance is one of the autism most common traits. Sometimes it is hard for children with autism to switch from one activity to another. Children with autism usually have OCD’s (Obssessive Compulsive Disorders) that are very hard to fight or eleminate. So, while they are so focused and “obsessed” with a task at