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Facts About Autism

Facts About Autism

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting, tips

For parents who have just found about their child’s autism here are some helpful facts. 1- One child in 68 in the U.S. has been identified with autism spectrum disorder according to the CDC versus 1 in 88 in 2012. Which implies that autism is on the rise. 2- Boys are more likely to have

Low Doses of Antianxiety Drugs Rebalance Autistic Brain

By Nadia Shanab | autism

A new research suggests that autism is characterized by reduced activity of inhibitory neurons and increased activity of excitatory neurons in the brain. Balance can be restored with low doses of drugs currently used in much higher doses to treat anxiety and epileptic seizures. The findings point to a new therapeutic approach to managing autism.

A Brain Scan That May Diagnose Autism with 95.9% Accuracy

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A new research used fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to identify and locate the weak parts of the brain that may be used to diagnose autism. We know that one of the most important traits of the autistic behavior is the poor social skills which leads to poor communication skills too. The research below explains

What Is Autism? Watch The Video

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You have probably been reading in books, magazines and the Internet to learn about autism. Here is shortcut for you. I chose this video from the CDC for you. Watch the video. You need more details? Watch this video about Autism Spectrum Disorders. nadia shanab

Large Brain Size and Extra Spinal Fluid Are Biomarkers for Autism

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This is a new and unique research that was done by a group of researchers with the UC Davis MIND Institute. During pregnancy and infancy the early detection and diagnosis of this condition can help tremendously in reducing the learning and behavior disabilities. We always emphasize the importance of early intervention in order to get

Autism Related to Higher Levels of Toxic Metals

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The topic of “what causes autism”, has always been at the heart of the autism community’s concern and interest. Up to this date, the real cause(s) of autism are not known yet. However, several reasons are suspected. But the most suspected causes are genetics, environmental, or combinations of both. In February 25, 2013 a study

Causes of Autism: Genetic vs. Environmental

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February 6, 2013 Can autism be prevented? According to Dr. Robert Melillo, co-founder of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers, the epidemic increase in the number of people diagnosed with autism can not be explained based on genetic reasons only. He said that it would take genes much longer to create such an increase in numbers.

Traffic Pollution and Autism

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A recent research on the impact of traffic air pollution and early childhood autism. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/dr-raj-persaud/traffic-pollution-elevates-autism-chances_b_2485239.html