Mystery Solved? Why Is Autism On The Rise?

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22 Jul 2015

When we try to describe the signs of autism we always have to remember that no two children with autism are the same. Traits of autism are numerous, and children on the autism spectrum don’t have to meet all the criteria. Additionally, other neuro developmental or intellectual disorders or may overlap with autism, like ADHD, among others.

So over the ten years from 2000 to 2010 the number of kids diagnosed with autism in special education has increased three times. At the same time, a decrease of about the same rate happened in diagnosing other developmental disorders.

What does that mean?

It means that reclassification of the diagnosis with autism accounts for the leap in the number of cases of autism.

Based on a huge research a paper was published July 22, 2015 (today) in the American Journal of Medical Genetics announcing that there was no increase in the overall number of students enrolled in special education. They also found that the increase in students diagnosed with autism offsets by nearly equal decrease in students diagnosed with other intellectual disabilities that often co-occur with autism.


The increase in the prevalence of autism is likely a result of the way autism is diagnosed. The multitude of combinations of signs of autism makes the diagnosis process very complex. Besides, sharing the same symptoms with other disabilities makes it even more complex.

Find the details of a very valuable research here.

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