“I Have A Dream”

Nadia Shanab | autism
1 Apr 2014

April, the autism awareness month, is back! This is a perfect opportunity to express my hopes and emotions regarding autism in our daily life.

I hope one day people reach the point of accepting all individuals with autism the way they are. According to the CDC, the prelevance has jumped to one child in sixty-eight (1 in 68) is diagnosed with autism. Coming across a person with atism is very likely to happen to any of us every single day . They represent an important part of the world’s community, and should find their place and earn everyone’s respect and consideration.

I hope people understand that autism is a condition and not a disease, it is a way of existing and thinking. Being different is an addition to the collective way of thinking. One of the reasons people like to brainstorm is to get a spectrum of different perspectives and viewpoints and discover new horizons and paths.

I have a dream to see a child on the spectrum welcomed in a group of “normal” kids playing harmoniously and sharing everybody’s happiness.

I have a dream to hear and see a child on the spectrum not being stared at or laughed at when she or he tries to express her or himself in a crowd or a classroom.

I have a dream to see well-thought cirriculums available for children on the spectrum on the first day of school.

I have a dream to see teachers cooperating with parents and working hand-in-hand to achieve one goal, helping children on the spectrum reach their full potential.

I have a dream to see people looking for the strengths rather than the weaknesses in individuals with autism, appreciating the differences rather than the similarities.

I have a dream to see more employers offering jobs to adults on the autism spectrum.

I have dream that researchers find the cause(s) of autism and reveal the missing piece of the puzzle.

With all my love and consideration to the world’s autism community,

nadia shanab

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