Less Sleep Hours Linked to Bedroom Screens

Nadia Shanab | Uncategorized
17 Dec 2013

In a research done by a team of The University of Missouri found a relationship between bedroom access to a telivision or computer and reduced sleep among boys with autism. Besides, they found a relationship between the average video-game exposure  and less time sleeping among boys with ASD.

Read the full research here.

Using a screen throughout the day is not a choice anymore. In schools, it is a requirement that students research information and submit their work on computers and laptops. More research needs to be done on the length of time (number of hours) for a child with ASD to use screens, without affecting his/her night sleep.

Additionally, the research should also clarify the interval of time between the last use of a screen and bedtime.

We should admit that the technology became part of our life and we cannot separate ourselves from its continuous progress and development. Nowadays, education relies greatly on technology. But the awareness of the wise use of screens should be parents’ and educators’ responsibility.

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