Why Does My Child Repeat and Echo?

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3 Dec 2013

Why do children with autism repeat and echo the questions they are asked?

We agreed that the wiring of the brain in individuals with autism is different, compared to NTs (Neurotypically developed peers). Consequently, The processing or thinking speed of a child with autism is sometimes different. And while the child is trying to process/think to find the answer, she also wants to keep the conversation going. She wants to stay connected to people by any means. When she fails to summon and gather the words and information needed to give proper answers at an average/normal speed, she resorts to borrowing the asking person’s words.

By repeating the questions over and over, she is buying time, and hoping that her brain will promptly provide her with the appropriate words to give a valid answer.

Isn’t that smart? It is a technique used by children on the autism spectrum to help them communicate with people. They know that communication is a two-way path. They are simply trying to do their part and remain connected.

It is not rare to see children growing out of this problem.


  • Be patient! Don’t give up and encourage your child to keep trying.
  • One of the most important goals in raising and teaching children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) is “Communication and Socialization”. When your child is repeating after you, tell yourself: “At least she is doing her best to communicate with the world!”
  • Children grow up and develop every single day. Time takes care of a lot of problems. Read the “Success Story” here.

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