Why Is Autism on The Rise?

Nadia Shanab | Uncategorized
26 Sep 2013

It is a worldwide phenomena that the diagnosis with autism is on the rise, even in underdeveloped countries. What might the reason be?

  • Diagnostic criteria are changing
  • Screening tools have developed
  • Increasing research on the topic
  • Increased health services
  • New environmental factors (pollution of air, oceans,…)
  • Increased awareness of the condition
  • Social factors

I believe that it is a combination of all of the above that causes the rising in autism diagnosis. When I was in school, decades ago, I used to have a classmate or two in my classroom who were “different” than the average socially and accademically. Nobody never considered these students as a different category from the class. They were fully included in classrooms. Only when the cases were severe (screaming, hurting themselves and others, not accomplishing any work and being defiant,..) students were kept at home or sent to institution.

nadia shanab

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