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13 Jul 2013

In her new book, Temple Grandin, the most famous high-functioning autistic person in the world, adds a new category of the autistic brain. Her hypothesis was scientifically confirmed by researchers.

She defines her own brain as a “visual” brain. The second kind is the “verbal” brain. Recently a new category was added, namely the “pattern” brain in people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

According to Temple Grandin, parents can start finding what kind of brain their child have around the age of eight.

If the child likes art, so he/she might be a visual thinker. If the child likes history, he/she might be a verbal thinker. If the child likes math or music, then he/she might be a pattern thinker.

By defining the kind of thinker the child is, her/his strength can be invested promptly and properly. If the child consistently does what he/she likes to do, he/she will probably excell in what he/she enjoys doing.

In a previous article I talked about the importance of helping your child find her passion, because it might turn into a career in the future. The early training and structured practice of the child’s main interest and passion can lead to a very happy and successful life. Independence is the main goal for parents and educators when raising or teaching a child with ASD. Finding this passion early enough will help you, parents and educators, reach your goal.

I would add that there is also a possibility that the child bears a combination of the three different kinds of brain. This may add more potential to her/his success in the future.

Temple Grandin’s new book is: The Autistic Brain

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