An Early Intervention Program for 12 Months Old Children with ASD

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27 May 2013

The Early Start Denver Model (DSDM) is a comprehensive behavioral program that reduces cost of special education services throughout the schooling years. When joining this program many services and therapies will be reduced. The program is clinically controlled. Social skills and interaction showed great improvement following this program.

Even if the first two years in the program cost was high, it turned out to be more economic and cost effective throughout elementary school. Read the very interesting research here.

Early intervention as I mentioned in this article is key to improve cognitive development and social skills growth. Early intervention helps taking charge of problems while the child’s brain is still pliable and before problems take roots and settle.

Parents, don’t hesitate to take action and consult with healthproviders as soon as your doubts arise. Early diagnosis and interverntion can, at least, move your child from the low end on the specturm to the higher end. Act now!

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