Software Company SAP Is Hiring Adults with Autism

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23 May 2013

What an amazing news for the autism community!

SAP the German software company is running this project and intends to expand hiring in the US, Canada, Ireland, and Germany. The plan is to have 1% of the employees with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

IT people have now recognized the talents and uniqueness of people with autism and how much they can offer to the software industry. They believe that individuals with autism can see what we cannot see, and have an analytical mind that can make them inventors and innovators.

Instead of perceiving inflexibility and literality as a handicap, it is appreciated as thouroughness and discipline.

In IT jobs only little social skills are needed. The HR team can help providing the apporpriate work environment for autistic employees, as well as raising awareness among the other empoloyees about autism. Read the full article here: and

Let’s give them a chance and help them become INDEPENDENT.

In the last two articles I wrote about the same topic. Spectrum people think different and think out of the box. This is exactly the quality needed to come up with new ideas and create new concepts.

Read here: and

Give spectrum people a chance and they will excell, as the coach did with Jason, the basketball hero,

I have so much faith in the ability of individuals with ASD to show the world how much they can succeed and achieve.

There is hope! It is our responsibility to accept them the way they are, and learn how to communicate with them. Instead of looking at “odd” side of autism, let’s appreciate the numerous bright aspects of it.

A child in 50 has ASD in the US. It is big time to train ourselves to be FLEXIBLE.

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