Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Psychiatric Disorders Are A Continuum

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4 Apr 2013

‘A paper published this month (April 2013) in the medical journal Lancet Neurology suggests that a broad spectrum of developmental and psychiatric disorders, ranging from autism and intellectual disability to schizophrenia, should be conceptualized as different manifestations (presentations or signs) of a common underlying factor “developmental brain dysfunction” rather than completely independent conditions with distinct causes.’

This is a very interesting paper. Read the full article here:

What does that mean?

We used to believe that autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, among others, are distinct conditions. While this paper suggests that the developmental disorders and pschiatiric disorders have the same gentic causes. Therefore, it suggests to combine these disorders on a continuum (spectrum), rather then defining them as seperate conditions.

Which I understand as placing the autism spectrum on another broader spectrum or continuum.

I have great hopes that research on genetics gets us closer to the causes of autism.

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