The Good Thing about Autism

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4 Feb 2013

Unlike “regular”, off-the-spectrum people, students with autism in high school know very well what they want to do after they leave high school. Whether it’s doing further studies or finding a certain kind of job, the picture is clear in their mind.

Since everybody on the spectrum got at least a strength in one area or two, the direction they are headed to is easy to predict and identify. Parents are the best to help identify these areas of interest and strength. In other words, it is easy to eleminate what they wouldn’t be interested in. Briefly, it is easy for autistic high schoolers to narrow down their options for life after high school.

While mainstream students go to college and are still unable to decide for what to choose for major or minor, to be a lawyer or a doctor, students with autism, and their parents, are most likely aware of what they can do what they can’t.

The reason of writing this article is to encourage creating programs in high schools that hone students’ skills and talents and train them in a professional manner before they face the bigger world outside of schools. Since their options are already decided why wait until graduating from high school?

Providing these programs on time, will save students and parents a great deal of confusion, anxiety, disorganization, and chaos in their life. A smooth transition from high school to the next step will assure more stability and certainty in pursuing what they’ve planned for.

Conversely, facing setbacks and disappointments right after high school might scare away ASD students from taking a step forward. Their plan for their future might get turned off once and for all.

Parents, you are your children’s best advocates. Fight for your cause. Your children are better off, leaving high school with a solid plan.

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