My Blog’s First Anniversary!

Nadia Shanab | autism
14 Jun 2011

At this great occasion, as my family and I celebrate the first anniversary of my blog, I would like to share with my dear readers the following information.

  • The blog has been visited 7,402 times by 5,660 unique visitors as of the minute I am writing these words.
  • The visitors came from 110 different countries.
  • The blog received 18,224 pageviews as of this minute.
  • I have have approved around 325 comments.

I cannot believe that this is only the first year and the blog has been so popular!

I will take this success as my most powerful motivator to keep this blog rich with as much information as possible for those who are looking for help.

I always knew that “giving is its own reward“, but today I feel it more than ever before.

This blog would not have existed without my son’s hard work to set up and maintain the blog. My family’s support gives me the love, help, and energy to keep going with this blog. It feels great to be loved.

This blog is one of my most favorite achievements, and I will keep nourishing it to help it reach even more help-seekers. I still have a lot to share with you.

My mission will remain the same: to help children with autism, their parents, and educators to have an easier everyday life.

My convcition keeps growing stronger and stronger day after day:

Children with autism are teachable and trainable.

Thank you for all the encouragement you give me, it keeps me going. I am so thankful and grateful for all my genuinely sincere readers.

Nadia Aboushanab